The assessments measure receptive skills (Listening and Reading). Upon completing an assessment, a benchmark range instead of a specific score is displayed on the screen. For example, a client could receive a benchmark range of 2-3 or 5-6 or 7-8 in Listening and/or Reading.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Online Self-Assessment (OSA) Listening and Reading results may be used by Language Assessment and Referral Centres, in combination with the adapted CLBA Speaking procedure, to assess and refer potential learners to government-funded, online or remote language classes in Canada. This provision is only in place as a temporary measure. Formal assessments will be resumed as soon as possible and will then be required as the only acceptable placement assessment for the most reliable results.

If you intend to use CLB-OSA test results for placement in government-funded language classes in Canada, please contact your local language assessment and referral centre.
Language Assessment Centre in Ontario:
Language Assessment Centre in Canada (outside Ontario):
The Online Self-Assessment Results are unofficial and cannot be used for placement into the ESL and LINC programs. In order to access classes in your community, you are required to complete an official language assessment. To find and book an appointment at a Language Assessment Centre in:

Canada (outside Ontario):
To find a Language Assessment Centre in Ontario, please click here, and for other provinces in Canada (except Ontario) click here.
Please note that official Language Assessment Centres are located in Canada only. For more information about the CLB-based assessments, please refer to the Language Assessment: What you need to know pamphlet.