How CLB-OSA can help?

Professionals Assisting Immigrants in Canada

If you are an immigration consultant, settlement worker, or other professional assisting immigrants to Canada, the Canadian Language Benchmarks Online Self-Assessment can help you develop a customized action plan for your clients. The CLB-OSA helps determine an approximate level of English or French language proficiency. It will help you and your clients make informed decisions about immigration, language learning and career pathways.

Newcomers Already in Canada       

If you are a newcomer and planning to register for government-funded language training programs, before formally assessing your English or French language skills, you can practice informal CLB-based tests using the CLB Online Self- Assessment. The CLB-OSA can help you to practice types of tasks you can expect at the formal language assessment. The CLB-OSA website also offers useful links, which will help you familiarize yourself with services in your province.

Prospective Immigrants to Canada

If you are a professional in a regulated field and thinking about immigrating to Canada, you will need to be licensed with federal or provincial regulatory bodies. To be licensed, you will need to meet a certain level of English or French language ability. You can take the CLB Online Self-Assessment at no cost, and find out your approximate level of English or French, before coming to Canada.